3 Things to Find in a Disaster Scenario

3 Things to Find in a Disaster Scenario

If you or your loved ones are caught in a natural disaster, it can be devastating. Hurricanes, tornados, and fires can leave you homeless and unsure of what to do next. Below are some basic tips you can follow that will help you during those trying times.

Find the Helpers

The first thing you should do is find who is responding to the natural disaster. Whether it is Red Cross, Salvation Army, or the National Guard, those people should be able to point you toward food, water, and shelter. These three things constitute the most basic of human needs. If you live in a rural area and cannot find anyone to direct you, try to head towards the nearest city or hospital. Shelters are usually set up in large areas, such as sporting arenas or near hospitals.

Find Mobile Laundry or Bathroom

Something many people do not think about when planning for a natural disaster is how they will stay clean. If you live in an area that is commonly hit by hurricanes, tornados, or fires, it is likely that you have a disaster bag. This is something that will hold a few necessities, such as emergency food, water, and clothes. However, what do you do when your clothes are all dirty and you have not been able to shower for days? The answer is mobile laundry trailers and mobile bathrooms. Both are brought in when there are natural disasters and are there for people that were affected. All you have to do is find the nearest shelter and it is likely they will have some trailers set up.

Find Something to Do

The final thing you should do is find something to do to keep your mind occupied. It is probable that, once you find food, water, and shelter, the reality of your situation will begin to set in. This is normal, but do not let it get you down. If you are able to keep your mind active through any kind of game or mental stimulation, you will be able to fare much better. You should also consider looking into trauma therapists that may be available to you. This can help give you an outlet to vent your concerns and begin to think of a plan for once things settle down.

Natural disasters are a common enough occurrence that many cities are set up for these situations. If you are ever caught in a natural disaster, try to keep a level head and think before acting/reacting.


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