3 Tips To Make Your Coffee Greener

3 Tips To Make Your Coffee Greener

In an age of climate change, environmental activism and social injustice, it can sometimes feel like you’re a pebble in a pile of rocks. What can you do to make a difference, help out those in need and enrich the environment you call home? While many think buying organic coffee beans is the best way to ensure they’re getting a well crafted and environmentally sustainable product, that isn’t the only option. Here are three ways you can reduce your carbon footprint while still basking in your favorite brew.

  1. Buy fair-trade coffee. 

When you buy coffee from a local, sustainable farmer who may not qualify for the organic stamp but is certified fair trade, you’re supporting a farmer that still values eco-friendly production and socially sound practices but may not be able to afford the organic certification. However, you’re still getting a coffee bean of the highest quality from someone who puts pride and effort into what they grow. To top it off, the coffee is simply better tasting.

  1. Brew your own coffee.

When you buy your own beans and craft your brew at home, you’re more likely to use a reusable cup and don’t have to keep throwing away what you get at the drive-thru. Brewing your own blend ensures you’re getting exactly what you want out of your coffee, puts you in control of what beans you’re using and ultimately eliminates the environmental waste of disposable cups.

  1. Drink it black. 

If you love your cream and sugar, this may be a harder adjustment, but opting for black coffee eliminates a lot of products that hurt the environment such as dairy production. You’ll also eliminate a lot of added calories. If it’s simply not doable, try a non-dairy milk alternative.

In today’s day and age, sometimes we think organic is the only way to go to get a great product, but that isn’t the case for coffee. These three tips will not only help the environment and those involved in the coffee industry but will ensure your coffee is delicious and satisfying, too.


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