What to Know Before Planting Trees

What to Know Before Planting Trees

Tree planting can be a lifelong investment, but it is one that is mutually beneficial to all. Through trees comes the sustainably sourced botanicals produced by Sacred Kratom, but there is also a profound impact on the environment and clean air. If you want your tree to be a worthwhile investment, then you have to do more than simply plant it into the ground and walk away. Your tree will need some TLC if it is going to make it to maturity.

Planting Time is Important

Trees should be planted during the early spring or in the fall after the leaves drop. You want weather conditions that won’t be too taxing on the young tree, as the roots need time to develop and take hold. The summer heat will stimulate the top growth, and springs rains can cause root rot. Tropical and subtropical climates have more flexibility when it comes to choosing a planting time. If your tree will have a balled or burlap covered root system, or it is a container tree, you are able to plant it at any time during the growing season.

Avoid Tree Stress

Trees that have been balled or covered with burlap will lose a lot of their root system when they are ready to be transplanted. This can lead to shock in the system. It’s a period of time where the tree experienced slowed growth and reduced vitality. It is important to carefully prepare the place where the tree will be planted and handle it carefully in order to avoid further damage to the roots. If you give it enough care, you can generally reduce the length of time the tree remains in shock.

The steps for planting a tree will vary on what type of variety you have. Talking to your local nursery can help you decide which tree will do best in your climate and soil, and you can but the necessary fertilizing and growth enhancements from them.


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